Whether you’re thinking of banking stem cells for future medical treatments or cosmetic surgery, every facet of Adisave’s stem cell storage procedures ensures the safe collection, storage and retrieval of your stem cells.


We collect stem cells from the adipose tissue (fat) removed during your typical liposuction procedure, meaning that banking your stem cells poses no additional risk to your safety or long-term health. In fact, the removal of this fat can often be performed using local anesthesia, eliminating the inherent risks of general anesthesia.


The key phrase in our procedure is ‘your stem cells’. By paying-forward your own stem cells, you avoid all risk of rejection. Because the cells are 100% yours, you are assured that no harmful foreign substances or materials will be introduced into your body, no matter which procedure you choose to use them for.


Our promise of safety covers your stem cells for however long they’re stored. Every container of stem cells you bank will be double-wrapped in both a cryo-vial and a heat-sealed tube for maximum protection.

Then they’re strictly maintained at sub-zero temperatures far below average cryogenic thresholds, ensuring their long and safe preservation.


A computerized barcode system labels every sample you bank, guaranteeing the stem cells you receive in the future are yours.

And as an ultimate failsafe measure, we bank your stem cells at two separate locations to protect them against catastrophe.