Storage and Security


Our job is as much about banking your stem cells as it is about earning your trust in us to provide the highest standard of care. That's why we go to extraordinary lengths — many with built-in redundancies for extra protection — to ensure the precise, computer-systemized organization and absolute safety and security of your every sample. Your stem cells will be cared for by highly trained cryogenic experts using world-class equipment, technologies and practices.


Once you register with Adisave, we will assign you a client number, which will be converted to barcode labelling. Our database will store your unique barcode information and follow your stem cells through every stage of the banking process from the day they arrive at our facility to the day you decide to retrieve them in the future. Unique as your own stem cells, your personal barcode will appear on every bag, vial and container through every step of the Adisave banking procedure. We will attach this label to both the cryo-vials in which your cells are preserved and the protective heat-sealed cryo-tubes containing your cryo-vials. For ultimate reliability, we insist every tube of your stem cells be marked by at least three identifiers.


The minimum required temperature for cryopreservation is -132ºC. Scientists agree that beneath this temperature, all metabolic activity ceases.

Adisave’s process preserves your cells at -180ºC; 28 degrees below the temperature achieved by the regular vapor phase, and 48 degrees below the standard cryopreservation window. This innovative technology is called the dry vapor phase, ensuring the best cryopreservation possible.


Our policy, in effect, is to not put all your eggs in one basket. Adisave stores your stem cells at not one, but two different cryopreservation facilities. Half of your stem cells will be stored at our state-of-the-art cryopreservation facility at Adisave in Toronto, Ontario, and the rest will be stored at Core Cryolab located at the Toronto General Hospital. This dual-facility method is the ultimate protection against the unlikely possibility of a catastrophe, giving you extra peace-of-mind.